Key Development problems/issues/gaps

  1. Low industrial development
  2. Poor market infrastructure
  3. Inadequate credit support facilities for agricultural (crop and livestock) production.
  4. Low level of tourism development
  5. Weak decentralisation structures
  6. Inadequate stakeholder participation in the decision making process
  7. Poor and inadequate educational infrastructure
  8. Poor educational standards  
  9. Low school enrolment  
  10. Inadequate health structures
  11. Poor access health services
  12. Weak decentralization structures
  13. Haphazard building of houses
  14. High level unemployment among the youth
  15. Forest degradation
  16. Inadequate extension officers to support and build capacity of farmers
  17. Indiscriminate waste disposal
  18. High D/A expenditure
  19. Inadequate and reliable database for planning purpose
  20. High incidence of malaria.
  21. Poor road network
  22. Indiscriminate disposal of refuse
  23. land acquisition difficulties
  24. Low access to potable water
  25. Low agricultural output in major food crop.
  26. Agriculture is dominated by farmers operating on peasant basis.
  27. Low access to ICT services


Date Created : 11/21/2017 8:06:52 AM