Culture and Ethnicity

The dominant ethnic groups in the district are the Twifos and Denkyiras (all of the Akan Group). There are, however, significant minority groups like the Krobos (Ga-Dangme) representing 3.36%, Ewe 9.12% and Akuapim (Akan) 7.62%.The District has two (2) paramountcies namely; Twifo and Denkyira with each of them headed by an “Omanhene”, the paramount chief.The culture of the people is seen in their way of life and it is uniquely displayed during their festivals. The Denkyira paramountcy celebrates “Odwira” as their festival at Jukwa on the first Saturday of November during which many tourist visit the area. The Twifo paramountcy, on the other hand, celebrates “Tuanko” festival once in every August.

These festivals are usually also used as periods to settle disputes among community members and families as well as raise funds for development initiative. However, these festivals come with over indulgence in social vices with their negative consequences. The negatives notwithstanding, the culture of the people constitute rich cultural heritage to be utilized for the development of the district.The people in the district are very religious. Christianity is the main religion of the people with 80%, followed by Islam with 6.84% and Traditional Religion with 1.06% whilst 6.09% are not affiliated to any religion. Adherents to traditional religion have popular shrines such as Bosom Kesei Shrine at Ayaase/Bepobeng

The communal spirit among the people is seen in the corporate as well as individual responsibilities of members in the communities.  Members in a community culturally obliged to attend and participate in ceremonies such as marriages, funerals and christening. Participants at these ceremonies make donations as their contributions to the host to settle part of the expenses incurred. Communities are well organised and the committee members are noted for their mobilisation instincts. Communal work is regularly organised for clean ups as well as for the construction community projects.. The people of the district are noted for their principled outlook and are often described as litigious. The culture of the people symbolizes their uniqueness and therefore serves as a catalyst for development especially in tourism.

Tourism Attractions

The new district is one of the most endowed districts in terms of tourism potential in the country. In the central region, it is the most patronized tourist destination and boasts of one of the unique tourist sites in Kakum National Park. Besides the under listed major tourist sites, there are others that are yet to be developed.

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