The Ga West Municipal is one of the 261 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 29  MMDAs in the Greater Accra Region

The Ga West Municipal Assembly was carved out of the erstwhile Ga Municipal which was created in 1988 in pursuance of the government decentralization and local government reform policy.

In 2004, the Ga Municipality was divided into two with Amasaman capital remaining the capital for the newly created Ga West Municipal. The Municipality lies within latitude 5°35° North, 5°29’ North and longitude 0°10’ West and 0°24’ West.

It shares common boundaries with Ga East Municipal and Accra Metropolitan Assembly to the east, Akwapim South District to the north and Ga South Municipal and Ga Central Municipal to the south. It occupies a land area of approximately 284.08 sq km with about 412 communities.

The population of the Municipality according to 2021 population and housing census stands at 314,299 with 155,543 males and 158,756 females.