Cultural and Social

Traditionally, the Upper West Akim District is under the paramouncy of the Akyem Abuakwa State and therefore has one of the Divisional chiefs of the Abuakwa state. The District celebrates one festival known as Ohum in June every year. The population of the District can best be described as heterogeneous as it has different tribes, and dominated by the Akyems, a sub-ethnic group of the Akan ethnic group. In terms of religion, it has almost all the major religions that practice their faith in Ghana, that is, Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions.


Ethnicity refers to the ethnic group that a person belonged to. This information is collected only from Ghanaians by birth and Ghanaians with dual nationality. The classification of ethnic groups in Ghana is that officially provided by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and which has been in use since the 1960 census.

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