Kwao-Baah Assemblyman delighted with touching lives with development projects
Mr. Mohammed Kofi Yasimo, the Assemblyman for Kwao-Baah Electoral Area (E/A) and the Presiding Member (PM) for Upper West Akim District Assembly in the Eastern Region, has undertaken several initiatives to support farming communities and improve healthcare within the district.

Date Created : 11/13/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey /

Distribution of Palm and Coconut Seedlings:

Mr. Yasimo has distributed 200,000 palm seedlings and 20,000 coconut seedlings to farming communities in the District.

He disclosed that the land in the area is often used for sand weaning, causing damage to agricultural lands. To reclaim the affected lands, palm and coconut seedlings are provided to farmers free of charge.

This intervention aims to assist farmers in restoring their lands to their former state. The distribution is targeted at farmers who are ready and willing to plant these seedlings.

He said to ensure the effectiveness of the initiative; farms that receive the seedlings are monitored regularly to ensure the success.

The distribution of seedlings also serves the purpose of creating employment opportunities in the communities.
Beneficiary communities include Mepom, Kwao-baah, and cement Akura.

Healthcare Interventions:

Mr. Yasimo has implemented interventions to improve healthcare access in the district. He negotiated with the Health Director to upgrade the Community Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound at Krodua.

The upgraded facility now functions as a standard health center that provides a range of services such as scanning, weighing, and maternal healthcare.

It serves not only the Kwao-Baah Electoral Area but also other areas within the District, including Nyanoa, Breman, Krodua No. 1, Krodua No. 2, and up to Mepom junction.

The upgrade of the CHPS compound is aimed at reducing the need for residents to travel long distances to Asamankese for healthcare services.

The improved healthcare facility benefits multiple communities by providing convenient access to essential healthcare services.