Manufacturing / Industry Sector


There are small and medium scale industries in the district.  The industrial sector is dominated by small-scale manufacturing activities, which range from Gari Processing, Oil Palm Extraction, Mining, Saw Mills and Bakery. 


The district has a number of small scale industries engaged in the production of various items. The manufacturing sector is dominated by businesses in the area of  Dressmaking, Carpentry, Metal, fabrication, Distillation of alcoholic beverages (akpeteshie and pito), Leather works ,Ceramics, Quarrying, Baking, Milling, Wood processing (saw mills) and Batik / tie and dye making.  These businesses are mainly micro and small-scale enterprises without permanent employees and the owners usually depend on apprentices to undertake their activities.


Date Created : 11/23/2017 6:39:33 AM