Educational Facilities

There are six (6) educational circuits in the District made up of forty two (42) pre-schools, forty two (42)  Primary Schools, thirty (30) Junior High Schools, two (2) Senior High Schools and one (1) Senior High Technical Institute and Vocational School in the District.


The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for Pre-school in the District is 85.5% while the Net Enrolment Ratio (NER) was 54.9%. The female NER was 55.3% which is higher than 54.6% for the male. This indicates that there are more girls in the pre-school going age in pre-school than boys.

At the primary school level, 50.2% of the enrolled children are girls while the boys are 49.8%. The District’s GER for the primary school is 88.1% while the NER is 63.8%. The female GER is 88.6% which is a little above that of the boys of 87.7%.

There is an observed drastic fall in the GER at the JHS level. While the GER is 41.6% with the female rate being 36.2% and the male 46.8%, the NER is 33.8% with the girls accounting for 35.2% while the boy NER is 32.5%. This implied that there more pupils of JHS going age who are not in school.

Furthermore, at the SHS level, there are more girls than boys as girls constitute 53.5% of the enrolment figure for 2013/2014 academic year whilst boys constitute 46.5%.

Secondary and Vocational school

The Districts relatively well-served with facilities for secondary education. There are three (3) secondary/technical institutions in the District. These are Anfoega Secondary School, Vakpo Secondary School and Vakpo Secondary/Technical.


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