Health Facilities

The access to health care remains relatively good except for the Volta basin island communities. The District has fifteen (15) health facilities made up of one (1) mission hospital at Anfoega, seven (7) health centres (Aveme Danyigba, Wusuta, Awate, Tsyome-Sabadu, Botoku, Tsrukpe, Vakpo) and seven (7) CHPS Zones (Anfoega Bume, Tokomi, Wadamaxe, Beme, Jordan-Nu, Kpebe, Tsoxor).

Human Resource

The quality of health care continue to improve however the inadequacy of equipment, drugs, other logistics and staff are the major challenges facing the health sector in the District. The Medical Officer-population ratio is 1:13,304 while the Nurse-Population ratio is 1:634. However, there are other supporting staffs for these categories of health professionals to ease the pressure.



Date Created : 11/23/2017 6:12:11 AM