According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, the demographic characteristics of the District are;

  • The population of North Dayi District is 39,913 (46.7% males, 53.3% females) representing 1.9 percent of the Volta Region’s total population
  • The District has a sex ratio of 87.7, i.e., for every 100 females  there are 88 males
  • The District has a youthful population with 36.4 percent below 15 years and 13.5 percent elderly persons (60 years and older)
  • The population density of the District is 86 persons per square kilometre.
  • The age dependency ratio for the District is 87.2 (population 0-14 and 64 and older as a percentage of the working age population, i.e., 15-64 years)
  • Twenty six percent of the total population of the District are migrants (born outside the District)

Population Management

Fertility for the purposes of this report refers to the total number of live births that females 15 years and older ever had during their lifetime.
The District has a total fertility rate of 3.3 children per woman aged 15-49 which is slightly lower than the Regional average of (3.4 children per woman). This implies that a woman living in the District would have an average of 3.3 children by the end of her reproductive period if the age-specific fertility rates were observed.

Moreover, the Crude birth rate for the District stands at 21.7 children per 1000 population, which is also lower than the regional figure (24.6 children per 1000 population).


According to 2010 PHC, the crude death rate of the District is 12.8 which is higher as compared to Districts like Krachi Nchumuru (6.3), South Dayi (10.6) and Kpando Municipal (8.9).


Migration refers to change in usual place of residence from one administrative District to another for not less than six months. The importance of measuring migration lies in its impact on population size, structure and distribution in the District.

According to the 2010 PHC, the population of migrants in the District is 10,392 which constitutes 26.0 percent of the population in the District.


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