Public Administration

The North Dayi District is one of the newly created Districts established by LI 2076 of 2012. Its capital is Anfoega. It is composed of twenty two (22) elected Members and ten (10) Government Appointees, a District Chief Executive and Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The Assembly is by law, the highest Political, Administrative, Rating and Planning Authority in the District with deliberative legislative and executive powers.  The Assembly has responsibility for the overall development of the District and it’s made up of six (6) Area Councils with 115 Unit Committees in almost every community.  The common laws governing the operations of the Assembly are the 1993 Local Government Act, Act 462, the District Assembly Common Fund Act 455 (1993), National Development Planning Systems Act 480 (1994) and the Civil Service Law PNDC Law 327 (1993) among others.

L.I. 1740 spells out in greater details the specific functions of the Assembly in areas of health, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, agriculture, roads, sanitation etc. For the purpose of the work of the Assembly, and to subject the issues of development to a wider discussion, the Executive Committee has five statutory sub-committees composed of members of the Assembly. These are as follows:

  • Finance and Administration Sub-committee
  • Development Planning Sub-committee
  • Social Services Sub-committee
  • Works Sub-committee
  • Justice and Security Sub-committee

Sub-District Structures of the Assembly

In order to deepen the government’s decentralization policy, the North Dayi District has been demarcated into sub-Districts made up of six (6) Area Councils. These are Aveme-Tsyome Sabadu Area Council, Vakpo Area Council, Awate Area Council, Anfoega Area Council, Wusuta Area Council and Tsrukpe-Botoku-Tsorxor Area Council.

Decentralized Departments

The Local Government (Departments of District Assemblies) (commencement) Instrument, 2009 (“the Instrument”) seeks to operationalize the decentralized departments at the District level as the Departments of the District Assemblies.

The North Dayi District Assembly is made up ofeleven (11) departments under section 38 of the Act. These are Education, Youth and Sports, Social Welfare & Community Development, Works, Physical Planning, Finance, Natural Resource, Central Administration, Trade & Industry, Disaster Prevention, Health and Department of Agriculture.


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