Law and Order

The enforcement of Law and Order in the District is organised under the police service and the Abura Dunkwa Magistrate Court.The police service is headed by the District Superintendent of police, with headquarters at Abura Dunkwa, who supervises and co-ordinates the activities of three police stations in the District locate at Abura Dunkwa, Abakrampa and Ayeldu as well as two other stations at Fante Nyankomasi and Damang in nearby Assin District, each headed by a Chief Inspector or Inspector.

Superseding the Magistrate A court at Abura Dunkwa, the Abura Dunkwa Community Tribunal was established and became operational in 1994 to further ensure in the District ready access to courts for the promotion of justice as it combines the functions of Magistrates A and B and ’brings justice to the doorstep of the communities" mainly because of its structure and flexibility.


The Abura Dunkwa Community Tribunal is headed by a chairperson assisted by a maximum of four-panel members consisting of two males and two females. For each case, the chairperson and two panel members (one male one female) sit for hearing and adjudication. The tribunal also has a Registrar and supporting staff. The District police service and the Abura Dunkwa Community Tribunal ensure the promotion of peace and order in the District.The most common offences reported in the District are stealing, threats, assault and breaches of the public order as well as willful refusal to pay rates.


Problems of accommodation, office space and mobility remain the most urgent for the personnel mainly responsible for the maintenance of Law and Order. It is expected that with completion and occupation of the District Administrative Complex at the outskirts of the District Headquarters by the Assembly, the problems of the Police Service and the Community Tribunal will ease as what is needed is essential functionalizing the existing buildings and space for the promotion of Law and Order.


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