Investment business potential

There exist potential for the development of light industries. Such as, Cassava Processing, Garment and textile manufacturing, Vegetable Oil Extraction and Saw Mill.

Economic activity

The economically active population is (69.5%) of which (95.9%) are employed and (4.1%) are unemployed. With regards to male female activity status, the proportion of economically active male is (70.7%) of which (96.5%) are employed and (3.5%) unemployed, whiles that for the female economically active population is (68.6%) with (95.4%) employed whiles (4.6%) are unemployed.

Employed population 15 years and older by occupation and sex.Agriculture, industry and other related work form the major occupation in the District. Significant proportions of the employed persons are engaged in skilled agricultural forestry and fishery workers.

Nearly 60 percent (58.4%) of the population work as skilled agriculture forestry and fishery workers.  The second highest proportion is craft and related trade workers 16%, 7.3% also work as managers, professionals, technicians and associate professionals. Clerical support, plant and machine operators and assemblers and other occupation constitute 18.3%. Compared with males (3.8%), a higher proportion of females (21.1%) work as service and sales workers. 

The three top industries, agriculture forestry and fishing; manufacturing; and wholesale and retail employ 80.6% of people 15 years and older with all the remaining industries employing 19.4%.

In spite of the seemingly largenumber of people engaged in agriculture, due to the relatively low level of income from that sector as a result of its subsistence nature, most of the labour from the sector will be willing to move to other sectors where income levels will be better and stable. (2010 Population and Housing, Ghana Statistical Service). 


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