Access to Economic Infrastructure (Support Services)

A greater percentage of the Municipality has no access to electricity. Out of the 149 communities only 17 hooked to the national grid namely  

  •   Savelugu
  •   Nanton
  •   Tampion
  •   Janjori Kukuo
  •   Moglaa
  •   Langa
  •   Tarikpaa
  •   Kuldalnayili
  •   Koduhizegu
  •   Zoggu
  •   Nanton-Kurugu
  •   Zieng
  •   Nabogu
  •   Nakpanzoo
  •   Pong-Tamale
  •   Adayili
  •   Diare

Electricity in the Municipality is single phase. This limits the springing up of micro scale employment opportunities such as Agro-processing activities, for example electric powered machines like grinding mills, and other electricity influenced ventures.


The municipality has 38 boreholes spread over 25 communities. Also, there are 110 hand-dug wells including shallow walls. Nine of these are with hand pumps. Added to these are six dams, two of which have filtration galleries, and 85 dug-outs. Non-Governmental Organisations and multilateral institutions are providing assistance. World Vision International, UNICEF, and the Christian Children Fund of Canada, all have ongoing water supply programmes, alongside the Community Water and Sanitation Programme and the Village Infrastructure Project. 


The district has 18 pre-schools, 73 primary schools, 15 Junior Secondary Schools and two Senior Secondary Schools. So far, the Assembly has spent ยข504 million on the provision of infrastructure and logistics for the education sector since 1994. Figures stood at 1,765 for pre-schools and 1,901 for Junior Secondary Schools. Altogether there are 275 trained teachers and 269 untrained teachers. Several NGOs provide support for the education sector.


The major health facility in the Municipality is the Savelugu Health Centre, which is manned by a doctor and a strong professional staff complement. Other health facilities in the municipality include a health centre at Nanton, two health posts at Diare and dong-Tamale and three community clinics at Janjori-Kukuo, zoggu and Moglaa. Plans are far advanced to open a community clinic at Tampion.


There are telecommunication services. Almost the entire municipality is covered by cellular phone services by Areeba and one Touch services. Ghana telecom line phone services are however not available.

Roads and Transport

Except a few communities especially the settler farmer communities, majority of the communities are interconnected with feeder roads. However, over 50% of the roads are seasonally un-motorable. Efficient road transport is along the Tamale-Bolgatanga trunk road. Thus vehicle services to about 80% of rural communities where the bulk of the food crops are produced are poor especially in the rainy season. Bicycle as the means of transport is therefore significant means of transport . Almost every household has a bicycle. The situation does not only limit access to economic activities but also access to social facilities such as education and health.


There are four markets in the municipality where mainly agricultural products are sold on market days at Savelugu, Nanton, Tampion and Diare markets. The SA is developing the markets in phases. With the exception of the Tampion market, the other three have been provided with stores and stalls. Neighbouring markets such as Kumbungu and Tolon, Karaga and Tamale markets are patronised by people


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