Health Staff

  1. 60   Youth   registered   for   employment   as   Community   Policing/Protection Volunteers
  2. 40   Youth   Are   being   registered   to   benefit   from   an   (ICT)   Information Communication Technology training.
  3. 60 persons will be considered under Waste and Sanitation Management


The National Health Insurance Scheme as we are all aware is considered as a humane approach to access to health care as against the Cash & Carry where patients deposit or pay some amount of money, before, during and after treatment.

Presently, the Savelugu Mutual Health Insurance Scheme has the under listed statistics to its credit: The Scheme has registered a total of 13,318 persons, 2,823 of this figure are of the informal sector, 873 are SSNIT contributors whilst 48 are SSNIT pensioneers. The rest are 4,641 under 18 years, 1,955 Aged 2,978 are indigents.

A total of 6,920 ID Cards have been issued so far with 884 going to the exempt category and 5,406 to the informal sector. Hon Presiding Member, ladies and gentlemen, I must admit that there are still some institutional and logistical problems militating against the smooth implementation of the programme. This notwithstanding I think some modest achievements have been chalked which can be documented as best practices as far as the implementation of the programme is concerned.



Date Created : 11/18/2017 8:13:29 AM