Tourism Attractions

The municipality has some Tourism potentials such as The Saakpuli Slave Market, Tuunaayili, The former seat of the Dagomba Kingdom, Yoggu, which is said to be where the chief priest settled long ago and an Oxbow Lake at Zonchangni. Among the tourism potentials, it is the Saakpuli Slave Market that attempts are being made to develop and preserve. The state of development is a tourist reception constructed through community initiative.

The River Kuldanali, a tributary of Volta River near Kodugzegu village, provides beautiful scenery which could be developed into a boating and water recreational resort. It is located about 17km west of Savelugu. The historic village of Yeni Dabarii is located some five kilometres off the main Tamale – Bolgatanga trunk road near Gusheigu.

It is claimed that the village was one time the seats of the Dagbon Kingdom before it moved to its present location at Yendi. Yendi Yogui is a village near Diare and its historic significance derives from the fact that one of the kings of the old Dagbon Kingdom, Naa Shitabu used the village as the seat of his kingdom. Saakpuli is a village near Kukuobilla.


It is claimed that the village was a major slave trade route. It was once an active and busy slave market and a commercial centre and it served as a stop over or resting point for slave traders. The Gungumani Shrine at Tampion is one of the important shrines in the district and is located in the Tampion Market. This shrine has a very interesting history.

The  Assembly, in collaboration with the people of Savelugu Traditional Area have reconstructed Yoo Palace (Savelugu Chief’s Palce) to benefit its modern status and construction of a museum to accommodate Dagbon’s historic ornaments and artifacts to be attached to the palace is at foundation level. All these have tourist significance and attraction.


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