The municipality‚Äôs population of about 205,849 mentioned live in a total of about 27,493 houses defined as any type of shelter used as living quarters.  It has over 37395 households, 1.4 households per house, 11.2 persons per household and 8.2 average household size.  About 95.3 percent households live in more or less permanent structures.

Type of Dwelling
Compound house 52.4
Separate house 19.5|
Semi-detached house 13.2
Several huts/building 9.4
Flat/apartment 0.8
Hotel/Hostel 0.6
Kiosk/Container 0.2
Attached to shop 0.3
Others 3.6

Source:  2000 population and housing census, Ghana Statistical Service.  The table above indicates that compound houses are the predominant type of dwelling for households in the municipality.  The proliferation of Kiosks and cargo containers as dwelling units does not yet appear to be a problem in the municipality.

Ownership Status

2000 population and housing census, Ghana Statistical Service.  The above table shows that most households reside in dwellings owned by a household member (88.4%).  This proportion is higher than what pertains at the regional level (86.7%) and national level (57.4).

Ownership Status
Owned by household member 88.4%
Being purchased 0.2%
Relative (not member of household) 1.3%
Other private individuals 3.1%
Private Employer 3.3%
Public/Government 1.0%
Other Private Agency 0.3%
Others 2.4%

In terms of construction materials, 88.4% of the houses are made of mud/mud brick/earth wall, 53%
roofed with grass and 54.4% have their floors made of cement/concrete.  The municipality also has room occupancy of 3.4 persons per room.



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