This part indicates Programme activities to be implemented during the plan period.  The programme activities are according to the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy thematic areas.  The programme activities show a yearly breakdown of activity, descriptions, location, their costs, and indicators, source of funding and implementing agencies.

Activities in this medium Term Development Plan will be implemented through Annual Action Plans during the planned period. Decentralized departments, Civil Society organizations and the Private Sector are expected to buy into the plan.  It is anticipated that Implementing Agencies will tease out their Annual Action Plans from the Medium Development Plan.  To ensure that Annual Actions Plans are fully implemented, Mid-year and end of year Review meetings will be held to identify implementation gaps and sought solutions to them.  Unimplemented programmes will be rolled over to the ensuing year to ensure their implementation.

The Municipal Assembly will hold a donor conference to market the plan to seek funding and other resources for implementing the programme activities in the plan.  Additional funding apart from the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF), HIPC and internally generated Fund will be sought from Non-governmental Organisations and Central Government to adequately execute projects in the plan.

The Implementation of the programme activities will be coordinated at the Municipal Assembly. The Assembly will also collaborate with relevant sectors, Non-governmental Organizations, the Private Sector and other Agencies and play a lead role to execute the programmes.  The expertise and knowledge of collaborators will be explored to ensure the success of the Plan.

Development Prospects
Private Sector Competitiveness

Considering the potentials and opportunities available to the Municipality, it has high prospects for development within the period 2006 – 2009. The broad priority intervention are as well include capital infrastructural development as a basis for increased Agricultural production and private sector investment focus would be on opening up of roads to tourist sites, production and marketing centers.  The period will also witness an expansion of electricity to rural communities.

Through the poverty alleviation fund, Community Based Rural Development Project Credit, Unicef and other government grants micro credit will be increased and readily made accessible to small-scale entrepreneurs to develop their business ventures.

The identified tourist sites like the Kwame Nkrumah bombsite at Kulungungu, the Yarigungu crocodile pond and the Gbawaa shrine will be developed.  The distressed brick and tile factory will also be reactivated as well as the leather indins try. These ventures will invariably provide non-farm employment opportunities for the youth.

The plan period will also witness increased food and cash crop production through the provision of water for all year farming.  This development aspiration will be presented with financial support from the Community Based Rural Development Project (CBRDP) in collaboration with other Development Agencies.  Focus will also be on production, processing and utilization of say a bean, potato and water melon.

Human Resource Development

The Medium term Development Plan (2006 – 2009) on the above thematic area will be geared towards enhanced basic services delivery with emphasis on education, health, environmental sanitation, water and the control of HIV/AIDS.

On education, it is expected that with increased inflow from development partners and government the number of classrooms will increase considerably to cater for the increased enrollment in schools.  Teaching and learning materials will be provided and supervision strengthened.  Refresher training for teachers will be embacked upon to improve learning outcomes. In the area of Health there will be an expanded coverage and access to health care delivery in the Municipality.

With the inception of the National Health Insurance Scheme and increased donor support the rate of infant mortality will be reduced.  Sponsorship for nurses’ trainees and medical students will be increased. With the institution of the sanitation fund for Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies, more refuse containers and will be procured to improve environmental sanitation in the Municipality, Public and household latrines coverage will be increased.  A waste management unit will be established and the personnel capacity built to enhance effective waste management in the Municipality.

Potable water coverage will increase within the period with the expansion of the Bawku water system, the provision of additional boreholes in communities and the establishment of small town water systems at Bazua and other urban centers in the Municipality. On HIV/AIDS incidence, behaviour change communication techniqlies and methodology will be pursued to reduce the current HIV/AIDS prevent rate of 3.6 percent.  Education on PMTCT and VCT will be intensified while care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS will be enhanced.

Good Governance and Civic Responsibility

Enhancing good governance and civil responsibility will be pursued during the plan period through social auditing, governance Issue for a and deliberative democracy in the Municipality. Education on civic rights and responsibility including child rights will be promoted and enhanced child protection.

Terms will be formed and at least a child panel established.  Local governance will be strengthened with the operationalization of the remaining three zonal councils.  Women and other vulnerable groups participation in the decision making process will be increased through effective collaboration with IBIS, NCCE, and other Development partners in Local Governance.

The planned period will further consolidate the relative peace in the Municipality; ensure public safety and security with support of the Security Agencies and Organizations like the police, Army, Prisons, IBIS, CHRAJ and traditional rulers. The period will also witness increased internal revenue mobilization and prudent fiscal management.

Good Water Governance and Dry Land Development

Good Governance will be enhanced.  The planting and growing of shady trees will be promoted.  Through the White Volta River restoration project buffer zones will be created along the river banks for fruit and economic trees growing to protect and or regenerate the environment.  The incidence of bush fires will also be given much attention.

Fire volunteer groups /squads will be formed and trained to combat bush fines.  The Municipal Assembly will review by laws on bush fires in collaboration with traditional leaders and vigorously enforce them to stream the tide of bush fires in the Municipality.





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