Road Network

The condition of roads in the District is deplorable. Out of a total road length of   258.1km, 60km are tarred with 8 percent classified as good and regularly maintained.  17 percent are classified as fair and 75 percent are classified as feeder roads that regularly maintained through spot improvement and resurfacing depending on the state of deterioration. The District can boast of a standard paved lorry park at Jasikan that facilitates the movement of goods and services along the stretch of the Eastern Corridor Road.



Electricity supply covers over 80 percent of the settlement in the District. However, over 80 percent of the settlements connected to the national electricity grid are on a single phase system. There is currently an on-going project to upgrade the facility to a 3-phase system to guarantee adequate and reliable source of power for industrial and domestic use. Again there is a rural electrification programme on-going which seeks to extend power to the remaining communities.


The Ghana Post has its District office at Jasikan and agencies at Kute, Guaman, Old Biaka and Old Ayoma.  The Jasikan office is hooked on to the courier service- Expedited Mail Service (EMS) and the Instant Money Transfer.

In terms of access to modern telecommunication, all the major Towns in the Districts including Jasikan, Bodada, Okadjakrom, Baglo, and New Ayoma etc are hooked to the following networks Expresso, MTN, TIGO, Vodafone, Airtel etc.  The total coverage is about 82%.


Date Created : 11/21/2017 2:54:16 AM