Education Situation Of The District From 2008/2009 Academic Year To 2012/2013 Academic Year

Physical Facilities

Although the District Directorate was established as far back as 1959, its offices are in temporal accommodation, which is an abandoned Cocoa office. Officers are crowded in their rooms.  There are four rooms in all.  The accounts section occupies two rooms, detached from the main office block.

There are thirty nine (39) sets of office chairs and tables.  The Directorate has only eight computers donated by the USAID, for the Planning and Statistics Unit.

The Director’s office is now air-conditioned with new office furniture.  None of the front – line Assistant Directors has an official accommodation. The office accommodation needs immediate attention for expansion.

The office has only one (1) official vehicle in use to run day to-day work of the district.  The district, in critical transportation situations lives on the benevolence of the District Assembly for one or two vehicles to transact duties.  There is the need for G.E.S, donors and development partners to assist the office repair its second vehicle.


Current Education Situation of the District

The Jasikan District has in terms of educational infrastructure 61 KGs, 64 primary schools, 40 Junior high Schools, three (3) Senior High Schools, a Vocational school, and a College of Education. In terms of ownership, 11  of the KGs is privately owned (18.8%), 13 Primary School  is privately owned (20.3%), 5 Junior High School is owned by private persons (12.5%), a SHS is privately owned (33.3%).  A college of education also exists in the District capital, Jasikan.

Distribution Of Schools By Circuits:

The present Jasikan District has six educational circuits, namely, Jasikan, Nsuta, Atonkor, Bodada, Kute and New Ayoma


From the table above the district has a total of 61 pre-schools (11 private and 50 public) and 58 primary schools (9 private & 49 public), 39 Junior High Schools (8 private and 31 public), 4 SHS (private 0 public 4), 1 college of Education.


From table 8, the teacher distribution in the district is quite good with teacher – pupil ratio very good by national standards.






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