Community Needs and Aspirations linked to Gaps from Review of Performances After analyzing the Data from the Communities and conducting Public Fora, the following Community Needs and Aspirations, linked to the gaps from review of previous performances, were derived:

• Improvement in Income Levels

• Accessibility to Credit Facilities

• Improvement and affordability of Social Services

• Especially Education and Health

• Provision of Market Structures

• Creation of Employment Opportunities

• Improvement in Rural Housing

• Accessibility and Security of Land to farmers

• Rehabilitation and accessibility of Roads (Urban, Trunk Feeder Roads)

• Extension of Electricity and Tele-communication coverage

• Provision of Potable Water

• Provision of Drains

• Improvement in Urban and Rural Sanitation (Solid and Liquid Waste)

• Provision of support (Training and Financial and Material assistance to the Physically Challenged)

• Accountability and Transparency in governance and consultations on issues affecting the People.

• Provision of Security

• Ensuring sustainable Environmental Management




Date Created : 11/20/2017 2:37:56 PM