Religion and Ethnicity

In terms of Religion, Christians constitute about 79% of the population with     Moslems having 8% and Traditionalists 3.0% and others 10%.  The predominant   Ethnic grouping is Akan 89%, Ga Adangbe 3%, Ewe 4% and Mole – Dagbon 4%.      The municipal is dominated by five main local ethnic groups within the following    corresponding dominant Areas. 

Culture/Tradition and Festivals

Interestingly, the District has six Paramountcies which are as follows:  

  • Lower Axim Traditional Council                    -    Axim      
  • Upper Axim Traditional Council                    -    Axim      
  • Nsein Traditional Council                             -    Nsein          
  • Ajomoro Traditional Council                         -    Apataim      
  • Gwira Traditional Council                             -    Bamiankor      
  • Eastern Nzema Traditional Council                 -    Atuabo

All the above Traditional Councils, in addition to the Benyin Traditional Council of Jomoro District constitute the Nzema Manle Council (District House of Chiefs).  One significant feature in the municipal is the traditional festival of Kundum which is celebrated in five of the Paramountcies between August and October each year starting from Axim to the others.  The only exception here is the Gwira Traditional Area which celebrates the Odwira (Yam Festival).  The major language spoken all over the municipal is Nzema with other dialects like Evalue and Gwira, Fanti and Twi also widely spoken. 

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