The Municipal has a total length of 199.6 kilometres of trunk road and 153.9 kilometers of feeder roads. The existing road network has of late witnessed major improvement, between 1995 and 1999. 

During this period, about 90% of the 60km secondary trunk road from Mpataba to Jewi Wharf has been tarred. The Elubo-Asemkrom road is to be re-constructed and most of the feeder roads in the district have already undergone rehabilitation.

River transport is another important means of transportation in the district but it is yet to be developed to an appreciable level. This is due to over-reliance on traditional canoes couple with the need for repairs on the few jetties and wharves. About 15 communities in the district enjoy power from the national grid.

In 1996, the central government and the District Assembly also embarked on programmes to improve telecommunications in the district by providing telephone facilities in the Half Assini District Administration and Elubo. Although not yet completed, this has improved efficiency at work places and enhanced commercial activities in the district.

In the district, only two communities, Elubo and Half Assini enjoy the supply of pipe-borne water. Some other communities, such as Tkobo No. 1, bonyere, Takinto, Jewi Wharf and New Kabenlasuazo enjoy water from boreholes fitted with hand pumps. Most of the communities in the district however, rely on streams, lagoons and rivers for their water supply.

Jomoro Municipal has one government hospital at Half Assini, the district capital, which is equipped with X-ray and laboratory facilities. There are also three health centres in the district and three community clinics.

In addition, there is one mission clinic at Bonyere and two private maternity homes. The district has two Senior Secondary Schools, 50 Pre-schools, 55 Primary Schools and 40 Junior Secondary Schools.

Police Service

Stations at Half Assini, Tikobo No. 1 and Mpataba.  Some communities have formed Neighbourhood Watchdog Committee to assist in maintaining law and order.

Fire Station

There is a station at Half Assini, but it is under-equipped.

Major Markets

There is Jaway Wharf, Tikobo No. 1, Elubo, Sowadadzem, Etweako No. 2, New Kabenlasuazo and Tikobo No. 2 Elubo and Jaway Wharf Markets are classified as international markets because of high patronage by people from La cote d’Ivoire.  Efforts are under way by the Assembly under the Village Infrastructure project to imporve facilities at the markets.


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