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Location and Size

The District is located within longitudes 0°35’W and 1°45’W and Latitude 9°55’N and 10°35’N. It shares boundaries with North Gonja District to the West, Kunbungu District to the south, Sissala East in the Upper West Region, Builsa South in the Upper East Region and West Mamprusi District in the Northern Region. Figure 1.1 is a map of the Mamprusi Moagduri District Assembly.


The district lies within the savannah climatic belt with single maxima rainfall regime. Average annual rainfall is between 1000mm and 1400mm.The rains occur between May and October. July to September is normally the peak period. Floods occur during the peak period after which there is a prolonged dry season from November to April. Temperatures are generally high all year round with the hottest month being March. Average monthly temperature is between 25.50oC and 35oC. In the rainy season, there is high humidity and sunshine with heavy thunder storms. The dry season is characterized by dry harmattan winds from November to February and high sunshine from March to May.

Relief and drainage 

The district geology is made up of Middle Voltain rocks normally suitable for rural water supply. It is largely covered by a flat and undulating terrain. The most significant river in the district is the White Volta and its tributaries include Sissili and the Kulpawn rivers. Along the valleys of these rivers are large arable lands, good for the cultivation of rice and other cereals.

Soil and vegetation

Soils in the district are developed under the Savannah vegetation. The soils are quite rich in nutrients especially along the valleys. Alluvial soils are quite extensive around the valleys which are also suitable for rice production. There is considerable soil erosion in the district due to bad farming practices and rampant burning of the bush. The natural vegetation is classified as Guinea Savannah Woodland, composed of short trees of varying sizes and density, growing over a dispersed cover of perennial grasses and shrubs.


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