The Kumbungu District Assembly comprises 24 elected members and 11 appointed; totaling 35 members, plus the District Chief Executive and one Member of Parliament.

The district is sub-divided into six (6) Sub-district structures – One town and five Area councils. These are Kumbungu Town Council, Dalun Area council, Gbullung Area Council, Gupanerigu Area Council, Voggu Area Council and Zangbalung Area Council.

The District Chief Executive is the political and Administrative head of the Assembly and chairs a twelve (12) member Executive Committee of the Assembly. Directly below him is the District Coordinating Director who heads the bureaucracy. The District Coordinating Director also serves as the secretary to the General Assembly and Executive Committee.

Political Administration 

The political administration of the district is based on the local government Act 1993, Act 462 which establishes district and sub-district structures for the administration of district Assemblies. The district has been sub-divided into 4 Area Councils and 85 unit committee members. The District Chief Executive is the political head of the district.



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