1. Roman Catholic Church
2. Methodist church of Ghana
3. Apostolic church of Ghana
4. Latter Days Saints
5. Presbyterian Church of Ghana
6. The Church of Pentecost
7. Islam
8. Evangelical Presbyterian Church
9. Apostles revelation society
10. AME Zion
11. Assemblies of God

Religion and Ethnicity

Christians, Moslems and traditional religion practitioners were the major religious groups identified in the district. As shown in the.table below, Christians form 91.2% of the sampled population, followed by Moslems 7.1%) and the traditionalists 1.7%.

Type                            Percentage

Christianity                            81
Islam                                    7.4
Traditional Religion                1.5
No Religion                           9.5
Others                                  0.7
Total                                    100

Tourism Attractions

Tourism, as an economic activity, is virtually undeveloped in the district. This is so in spite of the numerous tourism potentials the district has. The mysterious rocks of Bempong near Nkantanang, sheltering in bosom of its natural habitat, embrace one of the wonders of Ghana. It is unexposed because it has been shrouded in customary secrecy-open only to the Chief, his elders and Fetish Priests once a year.

At a spot on River Subikese is located the Bempong rocks that constitute the household compound of departed Ekuona Chiefs of Nkwantanang and Subikese. Exposed only during the dry season, the mysterious rocks display various artifacts alleged to have been carved by the Ekuona Ancestors.

The Kwaebibirem District has the potential to develop its agricultural, industrial and tourism bases for sustainable growth and development given its immense resource base. Agriculture employs the majority of the working population in the district. Nevertheless. a number of problems hinder the socio-economic development of the district, especially in agriculture.

Any significant improvement in the standard of living of the people should therefore give priority to improvement in agriculture, and micro to small-scale industries and household industries. Other income generating activities like bee keeping, snail and mushroom farming should be encouraged to augment income of the people. The district needs to develop and increase capacity so as to ensure sustainability of development interventions.

Potential Tourist Sites

1. Mysterious rock believed to be the abode of Aduana Ancestors at Bepong near Subikese

2. Snakelike oil palm tree at Asuom Amanfrom

3. Mysterious rock (Oborpensa) at Pramkese

4. Deity fish pond at Asuom

5. G. O. P. D. C. Kwae

6. O. P. R. I. Research Station, Kusi

7. University of Ghana Research Stations, Okumaning



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