Vulnerability Analysis

Certain prevalent conditions exist in the district that predisposes people to vulnerability.  For instance there are no early warning systems in the event of an earthquake.  Even though there is a fire station in the district, it is ill equipped.  Coupled with the non availability of fire hydrants in the entire district any major outbreak of fire would be disastrous.  Subsistence food farmers, fish farmers and other allied occupation produce the food requirements of the people but they are not given the desired protection such that when there is bumper harvest they lose heavily instead of maximizing their profits.

The poor, mentally retarded and physically challenged who are vulnerable do not receive much attention as there are no adequate social systems in place to take adequate care of their needs such as to make them functional in the society.

Not withstanding the Children’s Act, a considerable number of children in the district are exploited for their labour; women are subjected to various kinds of harassment without much protection.  There are no special homes and schools for disadvantaged children.  The existing homes for orphanage and disadvantaged are the Tomo-Ni Children’s Home at Obomeng and Bless The Children International at Nkwatia.  The homes which are operated by NGOs sponsor many children to schools and provide clothing, shelter and health needs of the children.

It is evident that a considerable number of people in their old age live in the district.  This may be due to a lot of senior citizens who have returned home.  Majority of these old aged people have shelter as the Kwahus are known to invest in estates during their prime ages.  With the introduction of National Health Insurance Scheme (N.H.I.S.), the health needs of some of the aged may be met.  However, not much is being done to meet their recreational needs. 

Attention needs to be focused on PLWHAS to reduce stigmatization and check the further spread of HIV/AIDS. It is essential for the Kwahu South District Assembly to put in place adequate measures to cater for the special needs of all the vulnerable members of the society.



Date Created : 11/26/2017 12:28:04 PM