District Economy
Spatial Organisation

Spatial and economic factors are closely related in the development of districts, regions and nations. The degree of articulation and integration of a country’s settlement system therefore depends on the past rates and patterns of economic development which in turn have been influenced by the interaction of people, the performance of activities, and the flow of resources in geographic space. Thus, overtime the pattern of economic development shapes the future rate and direction of socio-economic growth and distribution of its benefits among people and places as in the district, region or nation.

Basically, two settlement patterns may be observed in the Kwahu South District. The towns exhibit linear settlement patterns whereas the villages depict scattered settlement patterns. Comparatively, the towns enjoy better infrastructural facilities in terms of good drinking water, electricity, health, education, telecommunication, postal services, etc. In the pdf file table 1 is a scalogram showing the hierarchy of settlements

In much the same way, accessibility to services such as health, postal services, education, banking, police, etc. is better in the towns compared to the villages. The towns enjoy better linkages as majority of roads are tarred. Majority of roads in the rural areas remain untarred with poor surface conditions making accessibility difficult. It may be realized from the above description that the towns are generally more functional than the villages/rural settlements. This serve as a pull factor of the movement of people from the rural settlements to the functional towns.

Poverty Situation

Poverty is manifested at various levels and locations in the district as shown in the pdf table 2: From the pdf table 2, it would be realized that poverty in the district has a multi-dimensional nature and requires a holistic approach to deal with the problem. Most settlements do not have planning schemes. As such, they are not maximizing the use of space.




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