Tourism Attractions

The Kwahu South District is endowed with a lot of tourism potential that could be developed to promote the tourism industry. The hilly nature of the district is vital for the development of mountaineering. Further, some of the mountains have nice scenery and interesting features such as waterfalls, ancestral caves, walkways and Neolithic engravings.

Moreover, the cool climate experienced in the hilly portions of the district, including Abetifi, the highest habitable point in Ghana, is conducive for tourists from the world’s temperate regions. There are several tourist sites in the district, including Bruku Shrine, which is situated between Kwahu Tafo and Kotoso. It is a projection of rock surrounded by soil, which looks like a pyramid with a flat top.

The people of Kwahu look upon it as the supreme god in the Kwahu Traditional Area. Then there are several unusual stones at Amate, which is 48.20 kilometres from Mpraeso, the district capital. The whole of the Amate area is enclosed by rocks, which have peculiar features and symbols such as a spotted tiger shape, human portrait like that of Jesus, Ghana’s Independence Flag symbol, a figure of a helicopter, and a figure of a human head, a cave that looks like a self-contained flat with a bed, a special designed cave, a stone house building and so on.

Oku falls, located at Bukruwa, is like a cave, and even enables people to seek shelter there when it rains. As the gateway to Kwahu, Apaku Crown Mountain boasts ancestral caves, water sources, ancient walkways, green valleys and serene forests. Her plateau is very ideal for a holiday resort or safari village. The gaping rock of Kotoso shows a solid rock formation of a gaping beast whose open mouth measures some three metres across.

The Odweanoma Arc Mountain at Obomeng is the highest part of the Kwahu mountains and hosts receptacles for television, radio and civil aviation antennae. The Volta Lake offers lake transport at Adawso to link Kwahu South to Afram Plains. An important fishing centre, Adawso also has a beautiful chain of mountains overlooking the lake. This area is strongly recommended for the creation of a modern holiday resort making use of the mountain air and replete with water sports and an angling club.

The Presbyterian Missionary, Ramseyer, was first received at Abetifi in 1896 and he went on to put up a church at the point considered to be the highest habitable point in Ghana.

The Ramseyer Memorial Centre is a good place for religious tourism as an alternative to the caves, shrines and groves found at Abetifi. The Oworobong Waterfall is located at Oworobong Atifi.It is a large, attractive waterfall and is perennial.

It also has the potential to attract large numbers of tourists. It is the avowed aim of the Kwahu South District Assembly to ensure the rapid socio-economic development of the entire district. The district abounds with may investment opportunities and the assembly is ever prepared to create an enabling environment for all investors to operate successfully.


Presently, there are a few first class hotels and restaurants located on the ridge. These include:

Modak Royal Hotel (Pepease), 
Ohene Nana Classic Hotel (Mpraeso) and 
Awo Gyaa and Katson Hotels (Obomeng). 
Others which are mostly budget hotels are found 
at Obo, Atibie, Abetifi, etc.



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