The people in the District place much value on the chieftaincy institution. All major towns in the District have their chief who own allegiance to the Okyehene with the traditional seat at Kyebi (Kibi).

The major festival celebrated in the District is the Ohum festival. This is celebrated during mid and the last quarter of the every year. The Ohum festival marks the worshipping of the ancestral stools and the spirits who formerly occupied them. Again the celebration of the festival marks the first harvest of yam for the year and to ask for blessings for the coming years.

Both patrilineal and matrilineal systems of kinship are found in the District because of the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the residents. The practices of inheritance are observed by both the patrilineal and matrilineal systems of kinship and descent.

Ethnicity and Religion

The dominant ethnic groups in the District are the Akyems, followed by the Ewes and the Krobos. The different ethnic groups found in the District are as a result of the people moving in to seek employment in the mining and agricultural sector. People of different language backgrounds also exist in the District. Akan and Ewe are the most widely used native languages spoken in the District. The people are also religious and this is expressed by their beliefs and practices.



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