Potential, Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges (POCC) Analysis. The POCC analysis is a tool used to streamline development issues and interventions before they are programmed for implementation. This analysis is important in helping to fine-tune development goals, objectives, policies and strategies. About twelve development issues of the Bir im North District have been subjected to this analysis.

In this report, Potential, Opportunities, Constraints and Challenges have been defined as follows:


Potentials are latent strengths or untapped resources in the district, which are capable of being tapped for the district’s development. For example availability of bye laws on internal revenue generation.

Opportunities: They are positive and development enhancing factors that are external to the district, and on which the district does not have direct control. For example, availability of the DACF and HIPC Funds.

Constraints: Constraints are internal factors (within the district) that inhibit or restrict the district’s efforts to unearth and fully utilize its potentials. For example bad terrain and low communal spirit.

Challenges: They are negative external factors that inhibit the pursuit of development interventions in the district.



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