Pusiga District is one of the thirteen districts and municipalities in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It was carved out of the then Bawku Municipality in 2012 by Legislative Instrument, LI 2145. The District is located approximately between latitude 110 111 and 100 401 north and longitude 00 18 1 W and 00 61 E in the north-eastern corner of the Region. The District shares boundaries with Burkina-Faso to the north, Republic of Togo to the east, Bawku Municipality to the west and Garu-Tempane District to the south. The District has total land size of about 50505 sq km.

Pusiga is the capital of the District. The District is endowed with very attractive physical and cultural landscapes worth developing into tourist centres. Some of these attractive landscapes are the Kulungungu bomb site and the Naa Gbewaa Shrine. The Kulungungu Bomb site is where the first president of Ghana, Dir. Kwame Nkrumah survived a grenade attack on 1st August, 1962 when he was returning from a meeting with his colleague from Upper Volta(now Burkina Faso), Mourice Yameogo. This site is marked with a burst of Dir. Nkrumah. The Naa Gbewaa shrine is located near the Gbewaa Teacher Training College. The shrine is home to the chiefs and ancestors of the Mole Dagbani group. Traditionally, one needs to contact the Tindana of Pusiga with cola nuts and a fowl for sacrifice at the shrine during a visit.


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