The district has a total population of 60,039 according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census with about 30,260 females and 29,779 males. There are two main ethnic groups in the District - Bassares and Konkombas. Smaller groups like Dagombas, Hausas, Battors, Kotokolis, Kabres and Fulanis also live in the district. Bassares and Konkombas celebrate the yam festival in the district while Dagombas celebrate the Damba and Fire festivals.


The major tourist sites in the district include Waterfalls at Russian Camp at Sheini, Crocodile Pond at Kandin, and the Hanging Stone at Sheini. These sites are however not developed into good tourist destinations.


Nationality is defined as the country to which a person belongs. A distinction is made between Ghanaians and other nationals. Ghanaian nationals are grouped into Ghanaian by birth, Ghanaian with dual nationality and Ghanaian by naturalization. Other nationals are grouped into ECOWAS nationals, Africans other than ECOWAS nationals, and non-Africans.


Ethnicity refers to the ethnic group that a person belonged to. This information is collected only from Ghanaians by birth and Ghanaians with dual nationality. The classification of ethnic groups in Ghana is that officially provided by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and which has been in use since the 1960 census.



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