The vision of the educational Directorate in the Municipality is to provide an enabling environment to promote quality of teaching and learning and also to adopt strategies that would enhance effective management and supervision in educational institutions in the Municipality. The educational Directorate is made up of four circuits namely Nsoatre, Chiraa, Odomase and Fiapre. 

There are a total of 47 pre- school establishments, 51 Primary, 33 Junior High Schools, 4 Senior High Schools, Technical/Vocational School and 2 Tertiary institutions. The tertiary institutions in the 
Municipality are the Catholic University and the Faculty of Forestry Resources Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

As indicated above, a large number of educational institutions for 2009 were mostly primary, pre-school and JHS. This is represented in the pie chart below.

The number of enrolment in the 
Municipality was higher in the primary and pre-school than in JHS and SHS. Although slightly different, the number of boy to girl enrolment for the 2008/2009 academic year was higher with boys representing 50.2% while girls represented 49.8%.

Literacy and Education


Figure 3.3 present the population 11 years and older by sex and literacy status. For both males and females who can read and write in English only represents (19.3% and 20.6%) respectively, while males and females who can read and write in English and Ghanaian language accounts for (72.7% and 67.6%) the least proportions for males and females who can read and write in both English and Ghanaian language is ( 0.2% and 0.1%) respectively.

The proportion for both sexes shows that persons who are literate in English and Ghanaian Language is high(70.2%), English only (20.0 %) and the least English and French less than one percent( 0.2%). Male category indicates person literate in English and Ghana language (72.7%), English only (19.3%) and the least English and French 0.2 percent. Female category also shows that, persons who are literate in English and Ghanaian accounts for 67.6 percent while English only represents 20.6 percent and English and French less than one percent (0.1%).

Level of education

Table 3.9 shows population three years and older by level of education, school attendance and sex. A total of 32, 975 of the Municipality population are currently attending school with 45.7 percent in primary school, JHS/JSS (16.8%), kindergarten (14.1%), SSS/SHS (10.1%) and the tertiary (3.8%). There are more females (46.7) than males (44.8%) currently attending primary school. On the other hand a total of 31,335 of the Municipality total population attended school in the past with majority of the past students from the JHS/JSS (30.3%), middle school (26.3%), primary school (16%) and SSS/SHS (13.3%).

The proportion of population who attended school in the past is higher for both SSS/SHS and tertiary than for the population currently attending school. A similar trend can also be observed for those who attended vocational/technical/commercial schools.

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