The major ethnic groups in the district include Sefwis, Bonos, Ashantis, people of the Northern origin and Fantes. The entire Bia West District falls under the jurisdiction of the Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Area with its overlord (Omanhene) residing at Sefwi Wiawso. The district has divisional and sub chiefs in the major and minor communities respectively. Elluoe is a major festival of the chiefs and people of Sefwi in the district. Traditionally it symbolizes the first or minor harvest of new yam usually around July and August, which is celebrated annually in November-December.

Tourist Attraction

The district has quite a number of potential tourist attractions including the Bia National Park, Monumental Stones, the Adjoafua Stream, Agbozome Market and the Yam Festival (Alluoe).


The district has granite rocks and deposits of minerals like gold have been discovered in Yawmatwa, Oseikojokrom and Essam Debiso area of the district. Prospecting for minerals deposits is still in progress in some communities in the district.

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