Roads Projects

We are all aware the tarring of the Kpandai town road has reached an appreciable level and would soon be completed. We however noticed some problems and we have held discussions with the Regional Minister  to make the people feel the impact of the project. Through the Hon. Regional Minister, a letter on the tarring of the road has been forwarded to the Road Sector Minister for redress.

Indeed our concern was mainly about the stretch from where it is ending towards Mile 70. Some few days ago, the Management of the Assembly met the various branches of the Ghana Private Road Transport Unions (GPRTU) here and together we got boulders to fill that portion of the road. We need to get more of the boulders there and then fetch a number of trips of gravel to cover these boulders.

This interim measure, we hope will enable us continue to have the services of the Metro Mass Bus. It will also allow other vehicles and motorists to move on that road without much difficulty. Hon. Presiding Member, work on the Katiejeli-Buya bridge is also progressing steadily and when completed, the difficulty vehicles, motorists and human beings face will be a thing of the past. Colleague Hon. Assembly Members, the bridge on the Katiejeli-Kabonwule road also almost collapsed around May, 2009.

Again, the Assembly liaised with the leadership of the various branches of the GPRTU and some maintenance work was undertaken. This has made the road unusable up to now. We there after, contacted the Department of Feeder Roads to see how a permanent solution can be found to the problem, most of our feeder roads are in  a deplorable state and we need to put in place the necessary measures to improve upon them to enhance the movement of   food, services and humans.


Date Created : 11/18/2017 6:29:27 AM