The District has a good spread of health infrastructure that facilitates access to health care even though the District has no District Hospital. The District has six health centres and seven functional CHPS zones. The District also has eighty-five (85) TBAs. The Nurse-Patient ratio stands at 1:1638 and the Doctor-Patient ratio is 0:49148 as there is no Doctor in the District. These ratios have given ample testimony to the fact that all is not well with the availability of health personnel in the District. The health personnel in the various health facilities in the district are woefully inadequate and as such pressure is put on the few available staff. There is therefore the need for more health personnel to adequately cater for the health needs of the people. This is paramount given the fact that most of the communities in the District are closer to the border and are disease prone.

Even though the District has quite a number of health facilities spread around various communities the same cannot be said about the District Health Administration. The District Health Administration is therefore housed in a temporary structure which does not befit the status of the District Health Administration.

In addition, basic logistics needed for the smooth operation of the District Heath Administration are woefully inadequate. There are only two (2) pick-up vehicle for the numerous activities the office has to contend with. The same could be said about office furniture, computers etc. Efforts are underway to establish a district hospital and construct CHPS compounds in all the demarcated CHPS zones as well as support the training of health personnel to man these facilities

To ensure efficient and effective health care delivery, the district health Directorate has divided the district into six (6) sub-districts in order to make health care delivery accessible to the people in the District. These sub-districts are Billaw, Hamile, Karni, Lambussie, Piina and Samoa. Each of the sub-districts has a health centre and a number of Community Health Planning Services Compound (CHPS).

The quest to provide effective health service to the people is being hampered by the inadequacy of health professionals in the district. The district has no medical doctor operating in it. Only seven midwives are available in the entire District to man six health centres and seven CHPS Compounds in the district. The community health nurses who are supposed to be in the communities to provide health services are only 25 in the district. This is woefully inadequate considering a number of 58 communities in the district. Para medicals and other supporting staffs are equally inadequate. 

The national health insurance scheme operates in the Lambussie-Karni District. But the district

does not have its own scheme. It is still linked to the Jirapa-Lambussie Health insurance scheme.  The scheme coverage stands at 62 percent. OPD attendance over the period indicated that clients of NHIS patronized health facilities more than those who are not insured. 

Malaria tops in the incidence of diseases in the district. It leads in the top 10 diagnoses in all OPD attendance. There had not been any reported cases of Guinea worm in the district. HIV/AIDS cases exist but available statistics indicate that the rate of spread is low. There had also being cases of other diseases such as Acute Respiratory Infection, Skin diseases and ulcer, Diarrhoea, Acute Eye  Infection, Acute Ear Infection, Rheumatism and Joint Pains, intestinal worm and Pneumonia.

Nutrition Surveillance

Nutrition is an important component of health. A lot of diseases can be prevented if people especially the vulnerable age group like pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children are well nourished. An assessment of the nutritional status of the population carried by the District Directorate of Ghana health service reveals incidence of malnourishment across all segments of the population. This situation puts a lot of people at risk of diseases and hence a serious drain on the already limited resource of families.



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