Health Facilities And Distribution

The public health institution system comprises a two (2) Health Centres at

Nsaba and Kwanyako, three (3) community clinics, three (3) CHPS centres, one (1) CHAG Institution, and one (1) Registered & licensed private maternity home.

Thirteen (13) more CHPS Centers have been demarcated.

The existing health service delivery is saddled with the following problems:

Inadequate logistics

Lack of Laboratory service for effective diagnosis of diseases

Inadequate number of staff

Lack of residential accommodation for medical staff.


The last five years saw a modest improvement in the provision of health infrastructure. Educational and outreach programmes in family planning, preventable diseases and nutrition improvement were successfully implemented perhaps due to the fact that their budgets were moderate. On the other hand, and for the reverse reason, construction of new health centers achieved only 40% success.




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