Vision of Afigya Kwabre District Assembly

The vision of the assembly is to become a district with sustainable and safe environment for socio-economic development and poverty reduction through Good Governance for all citizens in the District irrespective of one’s gender, creed, religious beliefs or tribe.

Mission of Afigya Kwabre District Assembly

The District Assembly exists to ensure that all the people in the District have equal access to investment opportunities, basic social services, security from crime and violence and ability to participate in decisions that affect their own lives.

Vision Functions of Afigya Kwabre District Assembly

The District Assembly exercises the following functions;

  1. Political and Administrative authority in the District. They provide guidance, give direction to and supervise all administrative authorities in the District.
  2. Deliberative, legislative and executive functions.
  3. Preparation and submission through the Regional Co-ordinating Council-
  1. The development plans of the district to the Commission for approval
  2. Budget of the district related to the approved plans to the Minister for Finance for approval
  1. Formulate and execute plans, programmes and strategies for the effective mobilization of resources necessary for the overall development of the district
  2. Guide, encourage and support sub-district local government bodies, public agencies and local communities to perform their roles in the execution of approved development plans
  3. Initiate and encourage other persons or bodies to undertake projects under projects under approved development plans
  4. Monitor the execution of projects under approved development plans and access and evaluate their impact on the people’s development, the local, district and national economy.

Date Created : 11/10/2017 7:22:55 AM