Name : Judges and Magistrates
Position : Judges and Magistrates
Designation : Judges and Magistrates

Mr. Justice Brobbey (JSC) in his ‘Practice and Procedure in the trial courts and tribunals of Ghana’ states: ‘The magistrate has been described as the face of the law, the rationale for this being that most people have their first and sometimes the only brush with the law at the magisterial level and therefore tend to view the law as a whole from that experience’.

The District Courts handle cases that affect the core of our family lives, cases that can make or unmake our social cohesions and more importantly shape the lives of our children. The importance of District Courts in justice delivery and national development cannot be over emphasized.

Magistrates are therefore called upon to rise to the occasion and deliver justice in a manner that will enhance the confidence of the public in the justice system.


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