Good Governance entails ensuring justice and security for all inhabitants of the Municipal Assembly and their properties. The Assembly endeavors to achieve albeit all the limitations.

The Police Service

The police service in the Municipality lacks both men and logistic of all kinds to be effective as they would have wished to be. There are 6 stations in the district manned by 65 Officers and men. This is made up of 59 males and 6 females. The stations are at Dunkwa - 29, Railways - 7, Atechem - 18, Kyekyewere - 5, Diaso 3 and Ayanfuri - 3. At Dunkwa, the Municipal capital, the Municipal police command has office accommodation. Generally, most of the other stations are in rented accommodation.

This is not good for efficiency and needs to be discouraging and rectified.Communication, vital tool in police work is lacking in the municipality. This couples with the fact that the vehicle available is very old and breaks down frequently partly due to the bad roads in the districts; makes police work very difficult. In spite of these constraints it is worth noting that the efficiency of the police cannot be faulted.


The judicial system in the district is not any better than the police service. The Municipality has one magistrate court and one circuit court. The judiciary suffers from almost all the deficiencies of accommodation and logistics that the police suffer from. At the moment the court operate but under very appalling conditions. Not only are the courtrooms highly dilapidated the system lacks both human and material resources for efficient operation.






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