Road Unit

The Obuasi road unit was established in the year 2005.currently the unit is operating from Municipal Assembly Block.  Mean while construction works on new office block to house staff has started this year.

Main Activities    

The roads unit is responsible for maintaining developing and administering the road network in the municipality. The current road inventory and condition survey conducted puts the road network in the municipality at a total of 228km of which 79km is paved and 179 unpaved.  

2005- Routine maintenance

  • Culvert cleaning and desilting
  • Grass cutting
  • Covered drains cleaning
  • Minor drainage repairs
  • Covered drain slab repairs
  • During the period potholes patching was done on the deplorable tarred roads.

Grading of 50km of Gravel/Earth roads at these suburbs: 

  • Gausu Extension
  • Akaporiso
  • Kunka junction/Nyameso
  • Abompakrom/Nkamprom

Periodic maintenance

  • Municipal Assembly- Sec Tech junction 2.5 km was procured.     

Traffic management

  • Works on road line marking and installation of road sign in the municipality was procured.
  • Works on installation of traffic signal at Kunka junction was also procured.

2006 - Routine maintenance

  • Culvert cleaning and delisting
  • Grass cutting
  • Covered drains cleaning
  • Minor drainage repairs
  • Covered drain slab repairs
  • Grading works
  • During the period potholes patching was done on the deplorable tarred roads.
  • Periodic maintenance work.
  • Municipal Assembly- Sec Tech junction 2.5 km was procured.

Grading works

  • Grading of Nyamebekyere Extension/ Bedieso 8km.
  • Grading of kokoteasua/samposomkrom/Kunka 8km
  • Grading of Gauso Extension/Brahabebome 9km.
  • Grading of Akaporiso/Pomposo 9km.
  • Grading of Kwabrafoso/Nyamesomyede 9km.

Periodic Maintenance

Municipal Assembly-Sec Tech junction 2.5km - On going
Partial re-construction JJ Road.  - On going 
Partial re- construction of Old Estate/ Kwabrafoso. - On going
Drainage work at Kwabrafoso/Tutuka link. - On going
Re-gravelling of Bedieso Estate Roads. -Completed
Re-gravelling of  Bogobiri/Slaughter house/CMC - On going
Construction 2/ 1.2 pipe culvert old Estate. - Completed
Construction 2/0.9 pipe culvert central gospel rd-Completed
Construction 2/0.9 pipe culvert slaughter hse rd-Completed
Construction 1/0.9 pipe culvert Pomposo - Completed
Construction 1/0.9 pipe culvert baron hotel rd-Completed
Construction 1/0.9 pipe culvert sikafoamatem-Completed
Construction 1/1.2 pipe culvert Tutuka - Completed

Traffic management

  • Road line making and the installation of road sign was carried out.
  • Works on the installation of traffic signal at Kunka junction was also carried out.

2007 - Routine maintenance activities

  • Culvert disilting and cleaning
  • Grass cutting
  • Covered drain cleaning
  • Minor drainage repairs- Akaporiso, Pomposo and Boete
  • Pot holes patching

Grading of Gravel/Earth roads

  • Apitikoko 1&2 Nhyiaso Town roads, 10km.
  • Nyameso/gauso/Kunka/abompekrom,10km
  • Kwabenakwa /Mampanhwe /Ayaase
  • Binsere /Ntonsua /Memerewa /Komfokrom

Project yet to be awarded

  • Government Hill Road
  • Municipal Assembly- Sec Tech Junction            PHASE  II
  • Ghana Telecom Area Road

Communities in the Obuasi Municipality to Enjoy Potable Water Supply
A cursory look at the map of the Municipality shows that the area is endowed with rivers and steams.  However, the supply of potable water to most communities is a problem the Assembly has been grappling with since its establishment in 1988.

Mining activities especially illegal mining popularly called “galamsey” has affected water quality in the Municipality leading to upsurge in water borne diseases.

Thanks to the Intervention of the Central Government coupled with the support of the Donor Communities, the Obuasi Municipal Assembly is implementing projects in the communities to alleviate the plight of the people.  Between 2005 - 2007 the Assembly has received support from the World Bank under the VIP/CBRDP to provide twenty six (26) boreholes and four (4) hand-dug wells to twenty six (26) communities. 

Six communities namely Gausu extension, Bogobiri, Nkanprom, Abompekrom, Nyamebekyere and Kunka are beneficiaries of the Urban Water Project, a World Bank financed project.


It is the hope of the Assembly that the completion of these projects would results in the reduction in the incidence water related diseases and boost productivity to improve the standard of living in the Municipality especially in the rural areas.     

Information Communication Technology


Access and usage of various modes of communication such as computer, mobile phones and internet facilities have increased rapidly in the Municipality in recent times. This chapter discusses ownership of mobile phones, internet usage and household ownership of fixed telephone lines, desktop/laptop computers in the Municipality.

 Ownership of Mobile Phones

Table 5.1 shows that the percentage of the Municipality’s population aged 12 years and older who own mobile phone is 62.6 percent. The proportion of males who own mobile phones (68.8%) is high compared with 58.9 percent of females.

Use of Internet

The percentage of the population 12 years and older using internet facility is 8.7 percent. Among the male population 12.0 percent use the internet but only 5.8 percent of females use it.

Household ownership of fixed Telephone Lines

The Table 5.2 shows households having fixed lines by sex of head. The percentage of households having fixed lines is 2.4. Of the male headed households 2.7 percent have fixed telephone lines compared with 1.8 percent of female headed households.


Household ownership of Desktop/Laptop Computers

The percentage of households having desktop/laptop computers is 15.3. Of this 18.5 percent male headed households and 9.2 percent of female headed households have computers.











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