Political and Administrative Structure

The Municipality is administratively composed of five Zonal Councils namely Brahabebome-Akaproriso, Tutuka-Odumasi, Wawasi-Kwabrafoso, Obuasi Central and Kunka- Anyinam Zonal councils. The Assembly has 55 Assembly members made up of 38 elected and 17 appointed members. The Municipal Assembly has Two (2) constituencies namely Obuasi East and West Constituencies and therefore has two Members of Parliament, who are members of the Assembly without the right to vote. The 38 assembly members are elected through universal adult suffrage every four years. The assembly members then elect a presiding member to preside over the meetings. Politically the Municipality is headed by the Municipal Chief Executive.

Common Fund

District Assemblies’ Common Fund

For the period under review, the Assembly was allocated a total sum of ¢38,478,000,000.00 by the Administrator of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund based on the formula approved by Parliament.  Out of this, amount release to the Assembly was ¢25,869,433,761.00. 

Mineral Royalties

A total amount of ¢6,914,865,000.00 was received from this source out of the estimated amount of ¢15,510,000,000.00.  The actual amount represented only 44.6% of the estimated amount.  Details are found below:


From the analysis above, it is realized that Common Fund contributed 46.1% whereas Internally Generated Fund contributed 35.2%.  The Assembly, however, has the capacity to generate more from the Traditional Sources in order to reduce the heavy reliance on Government Grants especially the Common Fund, if serious attention is given to Property Rate which is the major source of the Assembly’s Internally Generated Fund (IGF).}


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