Information Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers an excellent opportunity for economic growth in a developing country like Ghana. ICT, as an enabler, has the capability to enhance economic growth by impacting all sectors of the economy if adopted and utilised appropriately. ICT can help citizens take advantage of economic opportunities by removing obstacles such as geographic isolation, high prices of goods and services, lack of information and exclusion. ICT can also offer a voice to the marginalised and help create social capital.

In Upper Manya Krobo district, a significant number of our towns and villages are cut-off due to the poor transportation network. Professionals such as teachers and nurses, therefore, refuse postings to these remote villages. ICTs have been recognized as an effective tool be used to surmount this challenge of remoteness.

In terms of Communication infrastructure, there is only one Post Office in the district located at the capital – Asesewa which renders very poor services, with no courier services, banking and saving facilities. Though the district is connected to MTN, Tigo, Airtel and Vodafone GSM Mobile Networks, the services are of poor quality and limited to only Asesewa and parts of Akateng. This means the majority of the district are cut off. In the sub-districts, isolated areas are connected.

The district boasts of only one ICT library which is not even functioning well. The other which was awarded on contract by Ministry of Communication at Sekesua has been abandoned for over five years.There are no Ghana Telecommunication Lines. It takes a minimum of 1 week to receive an urgent letter sent by the Ghana Post and a minimum of one week to receive mails sent through emergency mail delivery services such as EMS or FedEx etc.

Television reception in the District needs some improvement. Individuals need to put up high outside antennas in order to receive signals due to the hilly terrain. Another means is by the installation of satellite dishes like Multi TV and DSTV.

The Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly is making headway in the Development of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and is ensuring that information technology permeates in all facets of the District development especially in education and health. In this wise, adequate infrastructure will be provided to both basic and the second-cycle schools within the District capital Asesewa. Newly constructed schools would be provided rooms meant for ICTs.


Date Created : 11/27/2017 5:02:26 AM