Total road length in the municipality is 252 kilometres. This includes 87 kilometres of trunk roads, which link the municipality with the rest of the country. These are the Accra, Kumasi and Asamankese – Koforidua highways which pass through the heart of Suhum, the  capital, making it a nodal town. Telecommunication services are provided  by Ghana Telecom. There are private telecommunications providers in the  capital and in Nankese, one of the zonal capitals.

It is envisaged that all zonal capitals shall have telecom services by 2001.The municipality is hooked up to the national grid, which ensures constant power supply for both industrial and domestic purposes.Towns and villages, such as Marfokrom, Otoase, Krabokese, Kraboa, Coaltar and Nankese, now enjoy electricity.Plans are at an advanced stage to provide other towns and villages with electricity under the on-going phase II of the Self-Help Electrification Project.

The Assembly has provided street lighting for Suhum.The Ghana Water Company have a service centre at Suhum. The company has six boreholes, all of which are operational, using electro-submersible pumps, which deliver water into tanks for treatment and distribution in the Suhum town. The Assembly works closely with the Community Water and Sanitation Programme to supply water to the rural areas.

Since the programme began, several communities have benefited from it.There are 44 pre-schools, 140 primary schools and 88 junior secondary schools in the municipality. There are also three senior secondary schools and a vocational school. The Assembly has established an Endowment Fund, with girls being given preference. A Science Resource Centre has been established at Suhum Secondary Technical School.



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