Tourism Attractions

Tourism in the municipality is completely under developed though there are some potential tourist attractions among them are war cave at Akorabo, waterfalls at Obuoho near Anum- Apapam, the Drum rocks at Obuotumpan, the snake like palm tree and three branch palm tree at Akorabo and Obosumfo Densu respectively.

The number of hotels/guesthouses is twelve (12). This is inadequate. There are only three restaurants in the municipality. However, there are many way-side restaurants a.k.a chop bars which serve Ghanaian dishes.

Shum’s nodal position and location at a place where the traffic build-up on the Kumasi-Accra road starts, making it an ideal sleeping place for weary travelers and long distance truck drivers on the busy Accra-Kumasi highway.

The Atiwa Range Reserve is a notable tourist resort .The reserve has a spectacular, wide variety of tropical insects.Students and researchers interested in the study of tropical insects could find this natural reserve extremely useful.The resort, importantly, also serves as a habitat for wild animals, including lions and tigers, making it even more attractive to tourists.There is a war cave at Akorabo.

This is the result of inter-tribal wars fought centuries ago and it provides intriguing insights into the way of life in centuries gone by. A lot of untapped tourist attractions exist in the municipality, such as the proposed Cultural Village at Kukua. For instance, there are two beautiful waterfalls located in the Anum-Apapaw area .Indeed, investors in the tourism, agriculture, agro-processing and handicraft sectors can be rest assured that there is vibrant and profitable business to be done in the Suhum Municipal Assembly.



In terms of traditional authority, the municipality is part of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area whose overlord is the Okyenhene. Some chiefs within the municipality though are migrants have been made members of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council.

Ethnic Composition

According to the 2010 PHC, the major ethnic groups in the municipality are Akan (37.4%), Ga-Adangme (25.6%), Guan (17.4%) and Ewe (17.4%). The land tenure system in the municipality is quite different from what pertains in most parts of the country. Land is generally owned by individuals and families as a result of freehold acquisitions from the allodia title owners - the Akyem Abuakwa Stools.

Major Festival

The major festival of the people in the municipality is the Odwira Festival which was instituted in the year 2002 upon the elevation of the Suhumhene to the status of Osabarima by the Okyenhene. However, the people of settler stock origin travel to their hometowns to celebrate festivals of their indigenous towns. For instance, the Akwapems in the municipality travel to Akropong to celebrate the Odwira Festival with their clansmen in September every year.


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