The District Directorate of Education is working towards providing the opportunity for all children of school going age to have access to equtable and quality educations, capable of unearthing the innate skills and potentials with emphasis on children from the vulnerable groups.

Education Administration

To ensure effective geographical access, and efficient education management, the District has been divided into 8 Circuits.The District Education Office house temporally in a school block, which can not adequately contain staff.

Staff Strength

The staff strength for a District Education Directorate is ideally 64 as of now however only 27 who have no sitting place in the office.

Education Facilities

The district has a total of 134 schools most of which are in deplorable state.Apart from being in poor conditions many are deprived in terms of sanitation facilities, TLMs and accessibility by road net work.

There are still many schools being conducted under mud structures and trees The district has a special school of the Deaf which runs a Pre-school, Primary and JSS stream.  This is the only one of its kind in the Upper East Region.

Because of the nature of school infrastructure and distribution many pupils cover   over 5 km (beyond the standard distance to be covered to school) to attend schools which affect enrolment, retention   and performances in schools.

Only 10 out of the 46 Pre Schools have any sort of classrooms that can contain a two classroom kindergarten level.  The rest of the Pre-Schools sit under trees or make shift structures. Because of the deprived nature and ruralness of the district, teachers are not motivated to stay and work in the areas. 

 Lack of teacher accommodation is a major factor contributing to their refusal of postings to the remote area.  Apart from Duusi and Tongo where there are effort to contract teachers quarters there are no teacher’s quarters at any of the schools in the district.

Textbook Pupil Ratio

Similar to the infrastructural situation, the school have inadequate supplies of teaching and learning materials (text books) which affects greatly teaching learning and the performance of pupils.

School Performances

The performance of school children at the basic level can be described as below standard and this can be attributed to several factors, including inadequate suppliers of teaching learning materials, poor infrastructure situation, parent reflect of  educational needs of children, migrations,  domestic interference,  poverty and the generally academically hostel environment.

The performance in the 2005 BECE examinations revealed that, the candidates performance was average, as most attained aggregates 7-30. It also showed that Girls Performed poorly as many of them had aggregates above 30 The reason attributed to this was that, they had travelled.  Also out of 24 schools which wrote the exams only 11 schools offered Pre-Vocational Skills.




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