This involves governing the district through the institutions within the district, as enshrined in the Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462) and National Development Planning System Act, 1993 (Act 480).

District Assembly

Apart from the teething problems characteristic of any new establishment, the Talensi District is a rural and deprived district, with only a few core staff, and a number of supporting volunteer staff.  The District Assembly was established by LI 1739.

The membership comprises of 27 elected and ten appointed assembly members.  It also has two members of parliament, representing the two constituencies of Talensi and Nabdam. 

The Executive Committee of the Assembly has thirteen (13) members and has the following sub-committees; which are mainly statutory.

Justice and security sub-committee

Development Planning Sub-committee

 Finance and Administration Sub-committee

Social Services Sub-committee

 Works Sub-committee

The District has six (6) Area Councils namely; Zolba, Nangodi, Sakoti, Winkogo, Tongo and Sheaga-Tindongo.  These are provided with office accommodation and little furniture.  However, the Assembly has not yet appointed officers into these offices.
There are Fifty Six (56) Unit Committees, but are not inaugurated.  




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