Water delivery systems

Wenchi district has 106 water points which are served by a mechanised bore hole. Towns with these facilities include Wenchi, Nchiraa, and Awisa. In addition to these, there are 30 hand-dug wells, some of which are found in Wenchi and Subinso No. 2. There are five major streams and their tributaries that also serve the rest of the population. The streams Yoyo, Subin, Tain, and Kyiridi, are usually perennial. 

These show that a higher proportion of the population do not have access to potable water. However, incidence of water borne disease in the district is minimal. The reason for the low coverage of bore holes and hand dug wells is the geological formation in certain areas such as Subinso and Amponsakrom. Water exploratory activities in those areas require higher technology and infusion of capital from both the District Assembly and the community.

Sanitary facilities

Five different forms of toilet facilities are found in the district (see Table 1.16). The common type is the KVIP/VIP followed by pit latrine. The water closet is among the lowest used system. It may be due to inadequate spread of the pipe-borne water system and the relatively high cost of construction. Interestingly, the removable pan latrine is gradually fading out of the system. It used to be the dominant type in the seventies. 

There is no acquired permanent final refuse disposal site in the entire district. Even at the district capital, the search for a permanent site is on going. Within Wenchi Township and the other large towns, an emptier collects the refuse at designated sites and dumps them at temporarily selected sites. In the communities, refuse dumps are sited haphazardly posing a great health problem. Plans are advanced to embark on house to house refuse collection

Slaughter House

There is only one slaughterhouse in the district which has a fairly good condition. There is however, the need to upgrade the facility. On the other hand the butchers shop at the main wenchi market is in very poor condition.





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