Assembly Member appealed to Wenchi District Assembly for health workers
The Assemblymember of Buaso Kwame Pinsang Electoral Area, Mr Emmanuel Kwaku Derkyi, has appealed to the Wenchi Municipal Assembly to assist them with nurses and other health workers at their CHP Compound.

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The Community based Health Planning and Service Compound was started at the erstwhile Mahama administration and was completed and commissioned prior to the 2020 General Election.

Mr Emmanuel Derkyi said that the people of Agubie community always have to go to the Wenchi Methodist Hospital for treatment. This, according to the assembly member, has been a major problem for the community.

According to Mr Derkyi, though the CHPS Compound has been commissioned, the major two challenges have to do with the provision of water and health workers at the facility.

There is a community borehole which is closer to this facility that the community has temporarily agreed to give it to the health workers to be used by them while the municipal assembly works on how to get one for them in future. This issue of water at the facility as a requirement and demand has been solved, he explained.

What is left is the posting of nurses and other health workers to this facility for us. The Assembly Member indicated that he will continue to discuss with the Municipal Assembly and the Wenchi Health Directorate on the urgent need to work together to get them nurses and other health workers at their facility.

Mr Ansu Augustine, a farmer at the community recounted how his wife was transported on his motorbike on their poorly dusty road from Agubie to Wenchi during her labour last week.

My wife could have easily delivered here without this difficulty if this CHP Compound has been working, he concluded.

According to Mr Abubakar Ibrahim, a pragya driver, they charge GHs 7 as fare to transport people from Agubie to Wenchi to access healthcare. Most of my colleague pragya drivers refuse to ply this road so those of us who have decided to come here have to charge higher due to the poor and dusty nature of the road, he added.