Justice and security


Police Service

There is only one (1) Police Station in the district. It is under the Kete Krachi Divisional Command. The station lacks decent offices and residential accommodation for station officers. Additionally, inadequate staffing is a major problem that has bedevilled the police administration over the years in the district. It is therefore disheartening to note that the current Police Citizen Ratio in the district is 1:10,979, a situation that threatens peace and development.

Fire Service

There is no Fire Station in the district let alone the presence of fire service officers. The district is still tied to the Nkwanta Office where they lack fire-fighting equipment.

Other Security

Agencies Immigration and Customs and Excise Preventive Service (CEPS) agencies are stationed at the Ghana-Togo frontier at Tinjase.

Judicial Service

The district has a Magistrate Court at Kpassa which is presided over by a qualified Magistrate. The presence of the court would bring so much relief to the people. Hitherto, cases had to be sent to Nkwanta and beyond


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